Have you ever heard of a Geo-Box?

A Geo-Box is a shoe-box size box of information about a specific geographic location {City, State, Country, etc.}.  

Ok...well that doesn't sound so fascinating or fun... 

But when you add photos, drawings, stickers, treats, post cards, and more to the box....learning about another State or Country can be lots of fun!  

I guess you could call it a "Field Trip in a Box"! Our most recent Geo-Box came from North Las Vegas, Nevada.

Just look at all of the fun goodies that came from another homeschooling family to help us learn a little more about Nevada!

Of course, Eli and Everett were most excited about the yummy Rock Candies but there are some other very interesting items: 

A few little Dover Coloring books about Desert Animals, a rock & mineral excavating kit, some really cool magnetic Hematite rocks.....and....

"Fools Gold" {which Eli was certain it was real!}...did you know that the ancient Chinese thought it would ward off crocodiles?

Also, included was a cd of some very beautiful photos but due to copyright concerns I cannot share them with you...but trust they were BEAUTIFUL!!!

And one of the pamphlets in the box says that "Area 51" DOES exist, just in case you were wondering!

We are looking forward to really exploring a few of these things over the next few weeks as we learn about Nevada!

Here are a few pictures of other Geo-Boxes that we have received.

And as an added bonus....while you and your family are assembling a Geo-Box to send to another family, you will pleasantly surprised at how much you learn about your own state in the process!

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*This post was originally posted at Good Work Academy.


  1. I am not sure if you would consider it homeschooling. We do online school via and the Iowa Virtual Academy.

    1. All "styles & methods" of homeschooling are accepted in the group:)